CMJTT-SMJTT Rules & Entry Form

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*1 in 4 payback*


·         Tournament will run monthly on 1st or 4th Sunday of month depending on availability (see schedule for dates)

·         Check-In: 8:30am     Start Time: 9:00am

·         6 game scratch qualifying round

·         Top seeds in each division (# based on number of participants) move on to single elimination bracket which includes consolation matches

·         Optional $5 brackets are available

·         Entry form must be filled out completely

RULES: Please see our website ( for a complete set of rules

ELIGIBILITY: Tournament is open to any USBC youth sanctioned league bowlers

ENTRIES: Pre-registration is requested/suggested. Walk-ups allowed as space permits.

ENTRY FORMS: Entry forms are available at our website (


                Division 1: Average 186 and above

                Division 2: Average 185 and below

COST: $40 entry fee ($26 scholarship prize fund, $12 bowling fee, $1 expense, $1 season end tournament)

AVERAGES: All averages will be based on the highest 2013-2014 (current) average (min 21 games) or highest 2012- 2013 average. All others will bowl in Division 1 (186 & above)

Payouts: Payouts are based on the number of entries.  *1 in 4 Payback*

YEAR-END SMJTT TOURNAMENT: To be eligible to participate, must have participated in 2 SMJTT tournaments in 2014-2015 season


SMJTT Entry Form


Name ­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________


City ­­­___________________________  State __________  Zip Code ______________________


Average _________________________        Home Bowling Center _______________________


Date of Birth _____________________         USBS Sanction Number _____________________


E-Mail Address ________________________________________________________________



*Mail Entry Forms to:


Attn: Kara Stemig              

612 4th St NE

Byron, MN 55920

Questions: Call Kara (320) 420-5907  or  Kenny (612) 360-5777 or Email:

Visit our Website:

Official CMJTT/SMJTT Rules:

  • To be eligible, must be a sanctioned USBC Jr. member
    • No Adult-Sanctioned USBC members are allowed
  • 2 Average Divisions – Division 1 for 186 average and up, Division 2 for 185 average and below
    • Division must be labeled on your score sheet
  • Bowler is responsible for recording scores after each game on scoresheet
    • Please ensure scoresheets are visible to tournament staff during duration of qualifying
  • Tournaments are scratch – no handicap given
  • No official dress code but no hats may be worn
  • Please refrain from use of electronic devices in the settee area or on the approach
  • One lane courtesy will be used during all tournament play
  • Bowlers will move one pair to the right after each game
  • Bowers will complete six games of qualifying and then will cut to bowl single elimination bracket with a consolation bracket
  • All money will be paid in the form of scholarships and will be deposited in the USBC SMART account of the individual bowler
  • At the ends of games 2 – 5, scores will be compiled and the standings will be printed out and displayed on the tournament table
  • At end of game 6, scores will be verified and the top qualifiers will be announced and then the finals will begin
  • During the qualifying rounds, brackets are available for $5 each and are a random draw. Brackets are done by division.  If you would like information on them or if you would like to enter brackets, please see the tournament table
  • In the event of a tie, seeding will be determined by a 9th/10th frame roll-off (or a full game if the same tie is for Jr Gold Spot)

Jr Gold Rules

  • Junior Gold spots will be available pending minimum number of participants is met (1:4 Ratio)
  • Cost for Jr Gold qualifier will vary depending on number of participants (Minimum: $25, Maximum: $50)
  • Jr Gold Winner will be established as the highest total score after 6 qualifying games
  • In the event of a tie for Jr Gold, a one game tie-breaker will be held
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Nov 22, 2014, 8:31 PM